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AZ Grout and Tile Restoration


From Jacob, founder of AZ Sunset Grout and Tile Restoration:


I have been doing restoration and tiles for 8 years, primarily working for big companies. I was really good at what I did and found my standards exceeded those outlined by my previous employers. I decided that to best serve my customers and provide the best level of service, I had to open up my own business. 

Now I am the final say in what is good enough for my clients. My clients appreciate the high standards expected and I enjoy providing the best quality available in the area. 

We have a passion for perfect grout! Save money by repairing, not replacing! 

Grout Color Change, Grout and Tile Cleaning, Grout Repair, and of course Sealing! We do it all! Give us a call to find out how we can help you restore instead of replace.

AZ Grout and Tile Restoration Ceramic Tile
AZ Sunset Grout and Tile Restoration
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