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AZ Grout and Tile Restoration

We are a family-owned and operated business with a passion for all surfaces, tile, and grout!


Don't replace to beautify!

We can change your grout color: when the grout hasn’t been sealed it gets worse over time and even beyond the help of deep cleaning. We can completely bring back the life of your grout by coloring the grout lines back to the original grout color. Each line is stained by hand. The product we use is mixed with a sealer providing protection for years to come 

Grout and tile cleaning: We work hard to clean every inch of grout and tile to bring back as much original luster as possible. With hard work and the right materials, the results can be mind-blowing. 

Grout repair: Grout cracks over time and can only get worse. We provide full repairs on any cracks bringing it back 100% back to life. When cracks in the grout are appearing everywhere then a total regrout is required. This service is taking out all the grout and installing strong new grout in its place. 

what WE DO


Grout color change 

Cleaning and sealing Regrout 

Grout repair 


Concrete restoration

Concrete repair


Granite restoration

Cleaning and Sealing

Natural Stone restoration

Natural Stone seal 

Cleaning and Sealing

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Bathroom Tiles


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